Platting Services

Sempco provides Platting services in the thirteen counties surrounding the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

A plat is a map which identifies the specific lot lines of a tract, and shows adjacent street rights-of-way, utility easements, setback lines, dedications for public use, ownership, and other concerns.

A plat is like a regular title survey or boundary survey, but is approved by a municipality rather than approved by a property owner or title company. The plat is typically submitted to the City that has jurisdiction over the property, usually through the planning and zoning department. The plat is reviewed by numerous city departments and interested franchise utilities, and may include public hearings.

Plats are used to divide property which is within an incorporatedcity or extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) of a city. Sempco prepares these types of plats, which will likely have conditions of approval set by the local jurisdiction.

Plats are also used to identify tracts originally described by metes and bounds descriptions (bearings and distances). Cities review these plats, provide comments and conditions approval. Typically, the conditions must be met and/or notes placed on the plat and improvements may be required to be installed on each tract prior to filing of the plat.

Plats are used to “merge” two lots, or a lot and a portion of a lot. Sempco provides plating services for these types of plats.

There are over 200 incorporated cities in the DFW metroplex, and each have their own platting rules and procedures. Sempco is available to prepare plats and acts as the client’s consultant and representative through-out the platting process, which can take anywhere from one month to a year.

Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 212, contains the state law governing the approval of plats.  Source: (

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